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06 November 2008 @ 03:25 pm
I was just driving to class, waiting to turn left onto Sunset at Church. This blue corvette pulls up next to me, and the man in the car shouts at me "I'm making Atlas Shrugged into a movie! I saw your bumper sticker!" My bumper sticker, by the way, reads "What Would John Galt Do?" Anyway, it was just a surreal experience, and I made some small talk, but did not have the gumption to suggest I was interested in being involved, because that would be silly. But I should have. I don't know what I would have said, but I should have. Oh well, doesn't matter. I did look up the movie on IMDB though, and judging from the profiles of the various producers, etc, I think he is the writer.

I love living in LA.
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05 July 2008 @ 04:30 pm
One of the thing that drives me absolutely up the wall is thinking about what I want to do after I finish school next year. I want to be an actress, and that is obviously the primary plan, but I am also excessively pragmatic, and I like things like financial stability, so I don't plan to struggle to find acting jobs my entire life if I don't start to see some kind of success within a reasonable amount of time. I also have been told forever that law school is something I should do, though lately people are telling me how miserable and soulless it is. I've been getting more and more comments telling me I should go into writing, whether it is academic writing or dramatic writing. I don't know- I've never written anything creative at all, but I do imagine it might be nice. And then of course, is English, which I am doing very well with, and working on an honors thesis (kind of- "working" is a relative term. procrastinating is more accurate.) All, well, most, of my professors in the English department seem to think the logical thing to do is to write the thesis and go to grad school and get many many degrees and get tenured. But I am certain I do not want to be a university professor.

However, the other day I was thinking about the two things I do primarily: I act, and I am a literary theorist. I've been studying Titus and learning about palimpsests and considering the role of writing and violence and vaginae (according to spell-check, vaginas is wrong. isn't that silly?) and self-loathing. I then started thinking about how irrelevant all of that is to the process of staging the play. Or is it? My professors have varying ways of looking at characters- whether it is theoretically sound to consider the psychology of a character, particularly when there is no Hamlet. In reality, Hamlet is a collection of words on a page. Yet those professors are ignoring the purpose of Hamlet: he is meant to be enlivened and placed on the stage. And to the actor portraying him, it is utterly essential that he have a real history and psychology. But does it matter if he has a complete biography? Do we need to consider what Hamlet's favorite food or color is in order to portray him convincingly and compellingly? I don't know. It's just something I am wondering about.

I think I know what I want to study after I get out of undergrad. I think I want to make literary theory something concrete- something that matters. I want to do research on dramatic literature in a way that can have results on directorial choices. I don't know what sort of career that will prepare me for, whether in acting, directing, producing, or dramaturgy (I must confess that I am rather fuzzy on the role of dramaturgy anyway). I think it would be dramaturgy. I am also unsure whether this would necessitate me applying to English departments or theatre departments. But I think it is something that could be very good, though who knows, maybe as unstable as anything else.
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18 January 2008 @ 01:29 pm
Apparently one of the guys who was mauled by the tiger at the San Francisco Zoo admitted that they had been climbing on the wall and yelling at the tiger. What's more, all three had been drinking and smoking pot. I knew it had to be something like this. Tigers don't randomly jump out of their habitats to kill people. Even if the wall was shorter than recommended, I would have to imagine it was pretty challenging to get out of, and there had to have been an impetus for the tiger to hunt them down, as she did. Of course I think the wall should have been higher, but I also think these guys were idiots who acted RIDICULOUSLY recklessly.
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15 January 2008 @ 10:09 pm
Well, I've decided to update because it is 10PM Tuesday of second week, and I have a short paper due tomorrow that I would prefer not to write, though I am already halfway through it. This quarter is crazy so far, for several reasons.
1) I have started rehearsals for As You Like It with Shakespeare at UCLA, playing Celia. It is the biggest part I've ever played, which is a little scary. It is really fun, but rehearsals are a major time commitment.
2) I am taking 20 units this quarter, of which 15 are upper division English courses. I am very much enjoying the seminar on Ancient Epics to Medieval Romance, but there is a lot of reading for it. And on top of that, Criticism: History and Theory has obscene amounts of boring reading, with the added horror of online posting. I detest online postings for English classes. The Novel to 1832 is still unclear- the Professor seems rather unsure what is going on, and she is not altogether inspiring, but the reading should at least be engaging. But in all of these classes, there are obscene volumes of reading and ridiculously little time in which to do it. Especially considering work and rehearsals. Oh, and yes, I am also taking Biogeography. But that is an easy lab GE, so I am hoping it doesn't get much harder than it is as of now.

Oh, and Criticism is an 8AM class. That bites.

I am waiting for Reproductions to call me and tell me my headshots are ready. Usually they are very prompt, so I am confused. If they don't call about the proof, then I can't approve it, and then the order doesn't get done!! It is frustrating. I need my pictures so I can do a mailing and get a theatrical agent and go on auditions and win an Oscar. And a Tony. But it all hinges on Reproductions calling. ;-P

Well, I suppose Odysseus and Horace and Longinus await... Grrrrr.
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07 December 2007 @ 12:12 am
Oh man. Tomorrow (today) I have a 6-8 page paper due at 10AM, and a 12-15 page paper due at 5 PM. I just finished the shorter one, but I soooooo don't want to move on to the longer one. I really hate the subject (ironic, since I chose it myself), since I really just don't care about genre or tragicomedy. I am also terrified because this is 50% of my grade, and I have no idea what his grading is like, since this is our only written assignment. Seminar professors should give intermediate assignments, like an outline or an annotated bibliography! I know that I would complain about those too, but it would break up the grading a little bit and it would help make sure that there was at least minimal progress on the final paper throughout the quarter. I will look on the bright side though- in 17 hours, I will have turned it all in and all my papers for the quarter will be finished. Just two finals, and I am done! This weekend, I get to go see The Winter's Tale and Don Giovanni, so I should just relax and enjoy! Ahhhh, but I shouldn't yet. But gosh darn, I hate this class. Oh, and I love As You Like It! Our first read through was so fun. We are setting it in San Francisco in 1968. I can't wait to start real rehearsallllls! Performing Shakespeare again will be a good break from all this academic Shakespeare shit. Okay. Time to work!
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29 November 2007 @ 04:14 pm
Has anyone has Tauber for Geography 2? Any warnings or recommendations are appreciated, since he's not on Bruinwalk, and I have no idea what to expect from the class. Thanks!!
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18 November 2007 @ 03:15 pm
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08 November 2007 @ 01:43 pm
1) Waiting for Godot is completely unreadable.
2) It seems like all of the substantial Broadway talent is in Hollywood. Audra Macdonald and Taye Diggs are on Private Practice, Ellen Greene and Kristin Chenoweth are on Pushing Daisies, and I just saw Norbert Leo Butz in Dan in Real Life.
3) I am totally in support of the WGA, but I miss TV already. I should go picket or something.
4) I joined Actors' Equity!!
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25 October 2007 @ 09:18 pm
So my roommates have a listening test tomorrow for music history. That means that they are repeatedly playing Beethoven's Ninth, very loudly. It is fantastic music. But I have a paper due in 12 hours and 45 minutes. I have not yet decided what topic I'd like to write on. Not to mention that I really want to be done in the next two hours so that I can spend the night with Jason this evening. They also have a friend over, and they giggle and talk loudly. Rawr. They are nice. Really. But obliviousssss.

In other news, I got an external hard drive, which is really cool. And I am a big fan of Pushing Daisies. It is an excellent show. I like all the Broadway actors who are on it. It makes me really happy. As did seeing Elizabeth Tobias on Private Practice. I miss Midsummer... Elizabeth was such a good Puck.
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19 October 2007 @ 08:58 pm
A semi-real entry!

I have been taking three English classes this quarter, and it is more work than I anticipated. There is a ton of reading and a ton of writing- should seem obvious, and yet... I love my Edwardian Children's Lit class better than the others. I got to write a paper on Beatrix Potter, and now I am reading "Puck of Pook's Hill" by Rudyard Kipling. Somehow even his children's stories are nationalistic. They are wonderful, however, and greatly appeal to the Anglophile in me.

I have decided I will probably not graduate early. Instead, I will take up the theatre minor and I will also apply for departmental honors in English. That way, if I decide that I do want to go to grad school, I will not look like an enormous slacker. It'll also give me enough leniency in my schedule to do an internship or two.

I saw Rilo Kiley at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. They were fantastic. So were the opening bands, though The Bird and the Bee had irritating antics. However, I was surprised to see Willow Geer onstage with Inara George. I will have to send Willow an email telling her that I saw her. And in the audience, I saw Joss Whedon and Douglas Smith (aka Ben on Big Love). It was a fantastic concert. I'm looking forward to Barbara Cook, Ian McKellan in King Lear, Interpol, and Of Montreal.

Now I'll go read King Lear, but sadly, because I'd love to go see some Shakespeare where I haven't read the play first. Alas, it is assigned for my Shakespeare class, so I can't avoid it. Oh, Gandalf/Magneto, I am so excited!!